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  • All About Counseling - Carmel,Indiana: Read inspirational story of overcoming adversity, steps to success,and understanding the counseling process. - (Added: 24-Oct-2002) [Rate It]
  • Bible Journals - Allows users to keep an online journal. The journal can be shared with other members and frieds. - (Added: 11-Jan-2005) [Rate It]
  • Employment: Blood, Sweat, and Tears! - If you have spent any time in the workplace, you will have observed many different kinds of attitudes, and ways of approaching the job there. We all have different personalities, desires, and expectations, all converging and conflicting. In the midst of all this, we, as Christians, are called to distinction. - (Added: 3-Feb-2003) [Rate It]
  • Holiness - How do you feel about your relationship to God at this moment? If you are doing well, or if you are feeling down, knowing about Holiness will greatly help you! - (Added: 3-Feb-2003) [Rate It]
  • Holy Spirit Interactive - Holy Spirit Interactive is an online information resource for Christians featuring daily Bible studies, inspirational stories, interactive lessons, sermons, reflections, humor, apologetica and more. - (Added: 19-Jan-2004) [Rate It]
  • Ramshorn Journal - Articles pertaining to the prophetic and maturing in Christ and exhortations to help find your place in Gods Kingdom etc. - (Added: 19-Oct-2002) [Rate It]

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