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  • A Light for My Path - A weekly devotional from Dr. Ann Shorb of Christian Counseling and Eductaional Services. Subscribers receive powerful and practical messages of hope and inspiration. Always features original content from Dr. Shorb. Psalm 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” - (Added: 11-Feb-2006) [Rate It]
  • Abiding in Christ - A Daily Devotional with words of inspiration and encouragement that will renew your faith and revive your soul. It will restore to your life the joy of salvation. - (Added: 3-Aug-2004) [Rate It]
  • About Christian Counseling Online - Qualified, caring therapist provides christian counseling by email. Relationship problems, depression, spiritual struggles, anxiety.. Help is only a click away. - (Added: 3-Apr-2003) [Rate It]
  • Affordable Biblical Healthcare - The Medi-Share Program of the Christian Care Ministry is a non-profit organization that provides an affordable and biblical alternative to health insurance for Christians. Members voluntarily share medical bills in an organized way. - (Added: 8-Dec-2001) [Rate It]
  • Arise with Christ - Daily words of Inspiration that will give a spiritual uplift to your Christian life for each and every day of the year. - (Added: 22-Jun-2003) [Rate It]
  • Audio Sermons Online by Pottstown Bible Church - Audio Sermons Online to strengthen and encourage your walk with God. Audio sermons on a wide variety of topics such as, hope, anger, depression, quarreling, peace, crucifixion and more. Audio sermons are in Realaudio® format - (Added: 19-Jan-2005) [Rate It]

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