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  • Abiding Atonement For Now And Forever - Proclaiming the faithfulness of God with kaleidoscopic glimpses of His love; and how you can enjoy lasting peace and happiness as you realize all you are meant to be in Him. - (Added: 30-Aug-2003) [Rate It]
  • As If WonderStruck - Awesome Christian testimonial about how God came down and saved me. Filled with love and faith on a graphical and entertaining website with a 'Journal', 'Poetry', 'How to become a Christian', plus more. - (Added: 24-Aug-2004) [Rate It]
  • Bible Teachings by Pastor Jim Feeney - Free Pentecostal Bible studies and sermon outlines by Pastor Jim Feeney include speaking in tongues, gifts of the Holy Spirit, divine healing, and apostles and prophets today. - (Added: 16-Aug-2005) [Rate It]
  • Bibster's Page! - Find out about Jesus. God loves you no matter how bad you've been. Learn how to break curses and the strongholds that Satan has put on you. - (Added: 4-Feb-2001) [Rate It]
  • Christian dating advice guide - Christian dating is more than just dating christian singles. Learn about dating from a biblical perspective and enjoy a God glorifying relationship. - (Added: 10-Jun-2005) [Rate It]

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