You're Invited to RSVP...

You've spent a lifetime developing your skills, refining your talents, and building your knowledge and abilities.

You're a rich resource and retirement means a great opportunity, both for you and for your community.

You're free to choose now -- free to decide how to use your know-how and experience. Now is the time to try RSVP!

What's RSVP!

RSVP, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, is a part of the Corporation for National and Community Service, the national volunteer agency.

RSVP exists so that someone like you -- retired, but with knowledge and energy to spare, can make a big difference where you are needed the most, in your own community.

RSVP volunteers are men and women at least 55 years of age who volunteer on a regular basis finding a chance to be useful, needed, and appreciated.

As an RSVP volunteer, you are one of nearly a half-million volunteers serving through 51,000 local organizations and giving 64 million hours of service each year.

What Do RSVP Volunteers Do?

RSVP volunteers do what they want to do and choose when they want to do it.

RSVP opportunities are as diverse as the volunteers themselves. And their schedules vary greatly. All RSVP asks is that volunteering be reasonably regular, whatever schedule you choose.

RSVP fits volunteer opportunities to your specific interests and to your particular needs.

Some RSVP volunteers choose to serve in a manner consistent with their professional careers -- providing management services to nonprofit agencies, beautician services to nursing home residents, and teaching children and adults basic reading skills.

Other RSVP volunteers pick an assignment that allows them to enjoy their avocation -- directing theatrical productions, acting as nature and museum guides, or teaching arts and crafts.

Whatever their selection, RSVP volunteers provide more than their skills and knowledge.

They give their friendship!

They give themselves!

Is There Really a Need for RSVP!

It's impossible to list or to show all the needs RSVP volunteers answer...

  • Answers for children who need a safe state in life -- Shots Across Texas Early Childhood Immunization Program.

  • Answers for challenged adults who need one on one mentoring to improve their work skills -- Beaumont State Center.

  • Answers for adults seeking to improved their reading skills -- Adult Literacy Programs in Beaumont, Orange and Port Arthur.

  • Answers for concerned citizens working with local law enforcement agencies -- Seniors and Law Together (SALT).

  • Answers for home-bound citizens to talk with someone on a regular basis -- Orange County Sheriff Department's Senior Watch Program and the City of Port Arthur Police Department's Telephone Reassurance Program.

  • Answers for students who need special attention and those who need special challenges -- School Volunteer Programs throughout the region.

  • Answers for neighbors in need of emergency assistance through ecumenical missions in Hardin, Jefferson and Orange Counties.

Communities through out the country have discovered the answers to many of their needs in RSVP!

Can RSVP be as Good as it Sounds?

Even better!

While serving, RSVP volunteers are covered by accident and liability insurance. They are also helped with incidental expenses, such as meals and mileage reimbursement.

Most important, as hundreds of thousands of RSVP volunteers will tell you, "when you give yourself, when you share your talent and time, the great gift you give seems small compared with the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment you receive".

RSVP volunteers serve through nonprofit private and public community organizations.

Anyone 55 or older is eligible to become an RSVP volunteer, whatever level of education, experience or income. Once you have agreed on a volunteer activity that suits your interests, you will receive a brief orientation from the RSVP staff, and additional instruction and supervision at your volunteer site.

If you are ready to share your experience if you would like to balance your leisure with service that means something special, RSVP is the answer for you!

Contact our Local Office:

Hardin County Courthouse
Hwy 326 West
Kountze, TX 77625

Mail: P.O. Box 1393
Kountze, TX 77625

Phone: (409) 246-5139

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