Silsbee TX

Facts About Silsbee

Silsbee Fast Facts

  • Population: 7,341 (County population- 48,395)
  • Annual average temperature, 67 degrees
  • Average rainfall is 53 inches
  • Average elevation is 85 feet
  • There are 39 churches, 30 civic organizations and a Community Center located in Silsbee
  • Annual number of high school graduates – 225
  • 16,900 vehicles per day pass through on North 5th Street
  • 21,000 vehicles per day pass through In Town Business Hwy. 96 South and Hwy. 327

Silsbee Taxes

Sales Tax

  • State – 6.25 percent
  • City – 2.00 percent

Property Tax

  • County – $0.62 (per $100)
  • City – $.0357 (per $100)
  • School – $1.63

(all rates from 1998)

In addition to all the fun things to do you can enjoy the privilege of worshipping in any one of approximately 39 churches in the Silsbee area. Churches vary with many different doctrines and beliefs.

The City of Silsbee Parks department offers a variety of activities for area citizens. Tennis lessons, softball, and volleyball play are offered. The city also has a number of parks for citizens to enjoy. The main city parks are Knupple Park and Exquisite Park. For more information, contact the Silsbee City office at 385-2863.