Top 5 Reasons People Love Canoeing in The Big Thicket

The waterways of the Big Thicket National Preserve area have among the most popular canoeing destinations in Texas for over 20 years. Groups and families from all over the world come here to experience the Village Creek and Neches River canoe trails.

So what makes this isolated area so popular?

It’s Fun!

The number one reason people love canoeing in the Big Thicket area is because it’s fun. Regardless of your age, where you’re from or your experience level, you’ll find the Big Thicket has something to offer. Whether it’s an old fashioned “water fight” or exploring nature, you’ll remember your trip for many years to come.

It’s Relaxing

Imagine floating along the current through pristine areas accessible by car or foot. It’s as if time just stands still for you and all of the cares of work, bills and life just seem to float away with that current. Even if it’s just one day of canoeing, you’ll go back to life feeling physically and spiritually renewed.

It’s Unique

Canoeing in the Big Thicket takes you deep into areas untouched by civilization. It’s like a trip through the discovery channel, seeing wildlife and nature you thought you’d only see on television. You’ll experience first hand what it’s like to explore cypress swamps, sandy beaches and deep tropical forest with a diverse variety of wildlife, strange looking vegetation and even carnivorous plants.

Quality Time

Families and groups especially like the quality time they can spend together during a Big Thicket canoe trip. No phone calls, no pagers, no interruptions. Learning and working together as they maneuver their canoes through wonderful waterways; laughing and talking as they take a break for a picnic along the shore; and just “getting away from it all” so they can get to know one another again.

Healthy and Educational

Rowing a canoe, breathing fresh air, learning new skills, developing coordination and finding out about wildlife and nature. Who would of thought so much fun could be educational and healthy, too!