The Texas Big Thicket

Indian Springs Camp
The Landing on Village Creek
Mama Jack’s Homestyle Cooking
Heritage Village Museum
Village Creek
Canoeing in The Big Thicket


Why do thousands of people from all over the world visit the Texas Big Thicket each year?

To experience the unique wildlife, nature, history, great food and, of course, the fun! Family vacations just don’t get any better than this.

About Us

The Big Thicket Directory was developed to help visitors to our area quickly and easily find information about the Big Thicket National Preserve and adjacent communities. You’ll be charmed by the friendly hometown atmosphere and amazed at all of the activities, sights, events, history, famous people and “just plain fun!” found in the Big Thicket area.

It was through the cooperative efforts and support of our local citizens that the directory was made possible. They enthusiastically put together many great articles and interesting information about the Big Thicket not previously available to you on the internet in one place.

The sponsorship advertising from area businesses, churches, city and county offices and other organizations goes towards covering the funds needed for maintaining and hosting the website and not for profit.

If you have questions or need help planning an upcoming trip to our area, please contact one of our local Chamber of Commerce offices. They would be happy to help.